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Two more complete
Source:  NFS@Home
jeudi 4 août 2016 22:30

Two more Cunningham Most Wanted numbers are done. 7,353+ factors into 89-digit and 152-digit primes, and 7,353- factors into 98-digit and 165-digit primes.

Version 2.01 with VirtualBox 5.1 support
Source:  ATLAS@Home
jeudi 4 août 2016 13:46

We have released v2.01 of ATLAS@Home (single-core) with updated vboxwrappers to support VirtualBox 5.1. This should help with the large number of STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION errors that happen with v2.00. Please let us know if you still have problems running with VirtualBox 5.1.

And another two are done
Source:  NFS@Home
jeudi 4 août 2016 06:12

We have finished another two Cunningham Most Wanted numbers. 6,383- factors into 92-digit and 172-digit prime numbers, and 5,422+ factors into 91-digit and 145-digit prime numbers. Let's keep it going!

Task Tracker
Source:  vLHCathome-dev
mercredi 3 août 2016 12:08

I have added a task tracker to the top left of the page so everyone can see what issues we know about, which one are being worked on and what is being done right now. It still needs populating with a few items.

CPDN part of the Climate SWAT team
Source:  Climateprediction.net
mardi 2 août 2016 23:05

The New York Times reports on the work of World Weather Attribution scientists and explains how CPDN simulations are used to make real-time assessments of the role of climate change in extreme weather events possible.

Using the example of the recent real-time study on the floods in France and Germany the article details how we conduct the research, what decisions need to be made and what is the motivation behind such studies.


Under the title “the Climate SWAT team” the article was also published on the fron page of the science part of the printed version of the newspaper.

Windows 32-bit Application Release
Source:  Milkyway@home
mardi 2 août 2016 15:10

Hello Crunchers,

We now have an officially supported Windows 32-bit application for CPU and GPU crunching. If you have any issues with the application please post them here and I will do my best to address them.

Sorry this took so long,


ATLAS@Home version 2.0 with graphics
Source:  ATLAS@Home
mardi 2 août 2016 13:29

Today we have released version 2.0 of ATLAS simulation. The main addition to this version is a graphical interface which can be launched with the "show graphics" button on the BOINC manager. The interface explains a bit more about why we do ATLAS@Home, some background information on basic particle physics, some examples of what simulation looks like and links to where you can find out more about the ATLAS experiment.

Please allow the task to run for up to a minute before launching the graphics as it requires some processes to start inside the virtual machine. The interface was created by Giulio Isacchini, a student at the University of Oslo in collaboration with the rest of the ATLAS@Home team. Please ask questions, give comments and suggestions for improvements, extra features etc on the Graphics forum. The graphics are currently only available on the single-core version, we will add it to multi-core soon.


EDIT:There is a small configuration issue stopping the pages loading on Mac hosts and possibly Windows hosts too. This problem will go away in the next 3-4 hours.

Two more factored
Source:  NFS@Home
mardi 2 août 2016 06:39

Two more Cunningham Most Wanted numbers are factored. 3,617- factors into 110-digit and 168-digit prime numbers, and 11,283+ factors into 92-digit and 167-digit prime numbers. Let's keep going!

Sorry for the radio quiet
Source:  theSkyNet POGS - the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey
mardi 2 août 2016 06:01

Sorry for the quietness of late. I've been rather poorly.

But back on deck this week and we've got 64,000 new galaxies to process.

Project News Aug 1, 2016
Source:  Rosetta@home
lundi 1 août 2016 09:00

Journal post from David BakerWe all collectively made the cover of the July 22nd Science-check it out! This same issue also has a news feature on our work, and an article on designed icosohedral cages made from two different designed protein building blocks. For more information and links to the papers, see Ratika's post in her thread.