Unplanned Outage on Sunday, June 25 (RESOLVED)
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
dimanche 25 juin 2017 17:35

We're experiencing an unplanned outage which initially affected our website as well as sending and receiving work units. Our tech team is working to fix the issue, and we will add updates to this article regularly.

Source:  LHC@Home Classic : SIXTRACK
samedi 24 juin 2017 11:21

There will be a (very) short interruption while I
install a new sixtrack_validator. Should fix null/empty
fort.10 and the nasty "outlier" problem.
See SixTrack Application, sixtrack_validator for more news and details.

Short breake
Source:  Universe@Home
vendredi 23 juin 2017 17:44

Because I have to go abroad for few days it will be short delay in WU's deployment.

I will create some more about Wednesday.

CGI testing
Source:  vLHCathome-dev
vendredi 23 juin 2017 10:53

We are trying to improve the job limiter that is currently active, so you might experience some instabilities for the rest of the day.

Thank you for your understanding.

Status of all running sequences
Source:  YAFU
mercredi 21 juin 2017 22:43

There is now an update list of all sequences we currently working on: https://yafu.myfirewall.org/yafu/download/ali/AliquotSeqences.html. An entry in this list is updated once a workunit was finished.


Sourcefinder - Real data coming soon!
Source:  theSkyNet POGS - the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey
mercredi 21 juin 2017 06:55

I've made a fairly important announcement about the future of Sourcefinder, our other project.

There's a high chance that we'll be processing data from ASKAP in the future!

Anyone who's interested, please take a look at this post.

SixTrack Tasks distribution issues
Source:  LHC@Home Classic : SIXTRACK
mardi 20 juin 2017 14:43

Please see Message boards:SixTrack application, thread
"SixTrack Tasks NOT being distributed". This is to have one place for
all relevant messages. This thread is for SixTrack only.
My first post reports my personal status.

12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project...
Source:  WEP-M+2 Project
lundi 19 juin 2017 12:53

...116028 times

FightAIDS@Home Targeting a Key HIV Protein
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
jeudi 15 juin 2017 17:42

FightAIDS@Home researchers restarted the first phase of the project at the end of 2016, and in just a few months, they have completed approximately 46 percent of their projected work on World Community Grid. Read about their progress on finding compounds that could stop HIV from replicating.

BOINC Monitor 9.70 released
Source:  BOINC: News
jeudi 15 juin 2017 09:33

BOINC Monitor is a very cool Windows gadget for monitoring the progress of lots of tasks. Version 9.70 was released recently.