N-Body Release 1.42
Source:  Milkyway@home
mardi 5 août 2014 19:02

Dear users, N-Body will be released at 4 pm EST today. Features of this release include an improved dwarf galaxy model and new data representation features. Post here with issues. As this is likely my last release on this project (due to my move to England for graduate school), I would like to thank all of you for helping me do great science during my time affiliated with Dr. Newberg's group. I will still be active in the community, but I am proud to hand my role in the project off to Sidd. I look forward to a continued relationship with the BOINC community in the future. Cheers, Jake Bauer

Comet Trails: Esa Rosetta and Comet Trails
Source:  Constellation@Home
mercredi 6 août 2014 06:29

Hi everyone, this is a brief news for now, it will be expanded later. Today, the ESA Rosetta mission will approach its destination at Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. It is an extraordinaire achievement and we want to celebrate this is a special way. We thought, it would be great to have all of us somehow related to this event, so we made you calculate the dust streams of Churyumov–Gerasimenko during the last runs of our Comet Trails app and animate it. Here you go... click the image for the youtube video

Simulations indicate that policy coordination is key to sustainability efforts
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mercredi 30 juillet 2014 17:38

Preliminary analysis of the Computing for Sustainable Water data shows the importance of broad community-based coordination, so that environmental priorities can be achieved with a minimum of redundant effort. The project has also increased understanding of sustainability practices in other watershed areas.

Calling all climate change scientists
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mardi 29 juillet 2014 13:26

In response to President Obama's call to action on the Climate Data Initiative, we invite scientists studying climate change issues to submit proposals for accessing massive supercomputing power to advance their research.

New Separation Runs
Source:  Milkyway@home
mardi 29 juillet 2014 18:21

I am working my way through the data for the South Galactic Cap and am posting new runs. If you see large error rates let me know I will be watching them as they start to catch anything major. de_85_DR8_8_3_00001 de_85_DR8_8_3_00002 ps_85_DR8_8_3_00001 ps_85_DR8_8_3_00002 Thanks Jeff

Four a5_1_114_* instances solved
Source:  SAT@home
dimanche 27 juillet 2014 06:50

Instance a5_1_114_1 solved by Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream and Stanley A Bourdon from BOINC Synergy.

Instance a5_1_114_2 solved by Phil Klassen from Canada and evatutin from kvt.kurskstu.

Instance a5_1_114_3 solved by NotANumber (without team) and Oleg Zaikin [SAT@home] from Crystal Dream.

Instance a5_1_114_4 solved by toest from TSC! Russia and Winer from BOINC RUSSIA.

CAS@home maintenance period
Source:  CAS@home
vendredi 25 juillet 2014 09:45

IHEP Computer Center enters the annual maintenance period starting from 25th July, and finishes at 30th July. The CAS@home server will be shutdown during this period!
Thanks for your understanding!

Test application for CPU MD new app GPUGRID
Source:  WUProp@Home: New projects / application
mardi 22 juillet 2014 12:28

A new application is available for the project GPUGRID
Project URL: http://www.gpugrid.net/
Data from this application: http://wuprop.boinc-af.org/results.py?projet=GPUGRID&application=Test%20application%20for%20CPU%20MD

Milkyway/Bitcoin Utopia Update
Source:  Milkyway@home
samedi 19 juillet 2014 23:33

Friends.... Another Boinc project has come aboard to help us fundraise for Milkyway. Bitcoin Utopia has agreed to team up with us on fundraising for Milkyway's future. To take part in this type of assistance for our project, please go to their site and follow their procedures. Their program for Milkyway is Campaign #3. We truly appreciate their support! Disclaimer: The Milkyway project staff, students and moderators are not responsible for any issues your computer may have with their WU's. Please follow their recommendations for optimal results (credits are pretty nice too!). Any concerns or questions over how their project raises funds should be posted on their website for their admins to assist. The Admins of Bitcoin Utopia are fantastic people and my experience shows they will do whatever they can to assist you. Also remember Bitcoin Mining is not a quick process so the Bitcoin Utopia folks and us want to remind you to still donate in the more direct manner if you wish to. Any support is appreciated tremendously!

Pioneering a Molecular Approach to Fighting AIDS
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
lundi 21 juillet 2014 23:51

World Community Grid is being featured at the 20th International AIDS Conference which begins today in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Arthur Olson, FightAIDS@Home principal investigator, shares his perspective on how World Community Grid is helping his team develop therapies and a potential cure for AIDS.


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