Server maintenance
Source:  Universe@Home
lundi 7 novembre 2016 16:25

Today we had ordered two SSD drives for our server. The drives will be used for database use which should significantly improve server performance.
I will setup it on Friday or Saturday depend of delivery day and during the process server will be switched off.

Questionnaire from IITP RAS
Source:  SAT@home
dimanche 6 novembre 2016 08:15

Center for distributed computing of IITP RAS and Russian chapter of IDGF carrie out a rating of the voluntary distributed computing projects. Results of this rating can be used to improve the interaction between projects and crancher community. Please help us to make SAT@home better - estimate the project in the questionnaire.
Quetionnaire in english

Центр распределенных вычислений ИППИ РАН и российское отделение IDGF проводит рейтинг проектов добровольных распределенных вычислений. Опираясь на результаты социологического исследования предпочтений и пожеланий кранчеров, проведенного нами в 2014 году, а также на результаты наших коллег, проводится попытка выявления и обобщения мнений сообщества кранчеров о значимых характеристиках различных проектов. Результаты данного опроса могут быть полезными для улучшения взаимодействия между проектами и сообществом кранчеров. Проект SAT@home является крупнейшим российским проектом, что означает повышенные требования со стороны кранчеров. Помогите сделать SAT@home лучше - оцените проект в анкете:
Анкета на русском языке

ARM64 (aarch64) Android client in beta testing
Source:  SETI@home/AstroPulse Beta
vendredi 4 novembre 2016 23:31

This is a bare bones client without NEON optimized routines for SETI@home, but does have NEON FFTW routines. It'll be a while before I can modify the ARMv6 NEON routines to work when compiled under aarch64.

OpenZika Researchers Choosing and Testing Potential Antivirals
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
jeudi 3 novembre 2016 18:15

The OpenZika researchers are ready to begin laboratory testing for five chemical compounds which may lead to potential treatments. In this update, the research team discusses why the search for an anti-Zika drug is so important, describes the process of choosing which drug compounds to test, and summarizes the work they and IBM have done (so far) to publicize this study.

Website downtime, 2016-10-31 and 2016-11-01
Source:  Einstein@Home
vendredi 28 octobre 2016 16:31

On Monday 2016-10-31 and Tuesday 2016-11-01, at 1400 UTC (both days) we will be turning off the einstein Web server front-end for some hardware maintenance. The time corresponds to 1500 CST and 1000 EDT. This downtime is only for the Web site. The E@H project will continue to run normally.

Monday, there will be a minor networking change. The downtime window should only be 5 to 10 minutes.

Tuesday, there will be a some hardware support work.

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PASCAL App Testing
Source:  GPUGrid
jeudi 27 octobre 2016 16:11

Hello Crunchers, I have just put out application version 900 for owners of Pascal GPUs. To test this you need: * A Geforce 10-series or Tesla P-series GPU * 64 bit Windows 7 or later * NVIDIA Driver 360+ * Accept beta work, and WUs from the acemdbeta and acemdshort applications Please report all problems in this thread.

Paper Posted; End of Project
Source:  Van Der Waerden Numbers
jeudi 27 octobre 2016 03:29

Sorry for my recent inactivity. A paper has been posted on arxiv for this project at, and has been submitted for publication. I would like to thank all the volunteers who contributed their resources to this project. The project will no longer generate new work, but will incorporate any results received.

Trochę informacji teoretycznych na temat aplikacji GPU
Source:  Universe@Home
mercredi 26 octobre 2016 14:24

Ze względu na ograniczenia silnika forum, zdecydowałem się na opublikowanie posta o teoretycznym aspekcie pracy nad naszą aplikacją GPU na blogu DobreProgramy

I have published some theoretical informations about GPU aspects of our application on DobreProgramy portal (in Polish).

I'm a postdoc!
Source:  GPUGrid
mardi 25 octobre 2016 20:08

Hey! I guess I forgot to tell you guys, but better late than never :P I successfully defended my Ph.D. on the 16th of September! Now I'm continuing for a while as a postdoc in your good-ole well-known lab. I would like to thank you all for making this possible! Without you* I would never have done all this cool research, publications and completed my thesis. Many, many thanks and to further awesome research! * and your awesome GPUs :D

CMS Servers up again
Source:  vLHCathome-dev
lundi 24 octobre 2016 23:30

YEP Linux is just the greatest and most secure OS ever 😎

.....I didn't do it.......and I never liked a Dirty Cow

(OK I won't restart the OS war)