New Separation Runs
Source:  Milkyway@home
mardi 29 juillet 2014 18:21

I am working my way through the data for the South Galactic Cap and am posting new runs. If you see large error rates let me know I will be watching them as they start to catch anything major. de_85_DR8_8_3_00001 de_85_DR8_8_3_00002 ps_85_DR8_8_3_00001 ps_85_DR8_8_3_00002 Thanks Jeff

Four a5_1_114_* instances solved
Source:  SAT@home
dimanche 27 juillet 2014 06:50

Instance a5_1_114_1 solved by Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream and Stanley A Bourdon from BOINC Synergy.

Instance a5_1_114_2 solved by Phil Klassen from Canada and evatutin from kvt.kurskstu.

Instance a5_1_114_3 solved by NotANumber (without team) and Oleg Zaikin [SAT@home] from Crystal Dream.

Instance a5_1_114_4 solved by toest from TSC! Russia and Winer from BOINC RUSSIA.

CAS@home maintenance period
Source:  CAS@home
vendredi 25 juillet 2014 09:45

IHEP Computer Center enters the annual maintenance period starting from 25th July, and finishes at 30th July. The CAS@home server will be shutdown during this period!
Thanks for your understanding!

Test application for CPU MD new app GPUGRID
Source:  WUProp@Home: New projects / application
mardi 22 juillet 2014 12:28

A new application is available for the project GPUGRID
Project URL:
Data from this application:

Milkyway/Bitcoin Utopia Update
Source:  Milkyway@home
samedi 19 juillet 2014 23:33

Friends.... Another Boinc project has come aboard to help us fundraise for Milkyway. Bitcoin Utopia has agreed to team up with us on fundraising for Milkyway's future. To take part in this type of assistance for our project, please go to their site and follow their procedures. Their program for Milkyway is Campaign #3. We truly appreciate their support! Disclaimer: The Milkyway project staff, students and moderators are not responsible for any issues your computer may have with their WU's. Please follow their recommendations for optimal results (credits are pretty nice too!). Any concerns or questions over how their project raises funds should be posted on their website for their admins to assist. The Admins of Bitcoin Utopia are fantastic people and my experience shows they will do whatever they can to assist you. Also remember Bitcoin Mining is not a quick process so the Bitcoin Utopia folks and us want to remind you to still donate in the more direct manner if you wish to. Any support is appreciated tremendously!

Pioneering a Molecular Approach to Fighting AIDS
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
lundi 21 juillet 2014 23:51

World Community Grid is being featured at the 20th International AIDS Conference which begins today in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Arthur Olson, FightAIDS@Home principal investigator, shares his perspective on how World Community Grid is helping his team develop therapies and a potential cure for AIDS.

New app for testing
Source:  GPUGrid
lundi 21 juillet 2014 23:07

Hi, There's a new CPU app available for Linux clients. A few WUs are out now, with some more to come after I've received the first results back. The app is multithreaded, I think the default behaviour of the BOINC client is to allocate all cores to it. Please report any observations here. Matt

12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project...
Source:  WEP-M+2 Project
samedi 19 juillet 2014 12:53

...51559 times

Improved efficiency and processing capabilities for FightAIDS@Home
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mercredi 16 juillet 2014 18:12

New methods and processes help the research team process World Community Grid data more efficiently and provide more accurate docking techniques.

MilkyWay@home passes 50% of fundraising goal!!
Source:  Milkyway@home
mardi 15 juillet 2014 22:40

Hello Everyone, I would like to let you all know we have surpassed the 50% mark for our fundraising goal! We could not have done it without you all, Thank you! here is a message from Professor Newberg: "I would like to personally thank each and every MilkyWay@home supporter who has helped us to raise $21,843.97 towards our goal of $40,480 to keep up operations through summer 2015. So far, 324 people have sent money by credit card, Paypal, and check to support our work of tracing tidal streams in the Milky Way halo and using them to determine the location of dark matter. We have received donations from $0.23 to $5000 (Wow!), and sent out 36 fabulous T-shirts to donors. Some of you have included really wonderful notes along with your donations, that I have really appreciated. Already, your donations have made it possible to offer Jake Weiss his co-op job for fall 2014, we know we will be able to continue to publish our papers in highly cited journals for the next year, and graduate student Sidd Shelton has his summer salary funded. This puts in a much, much better position than we were two weeks ago. Additional donations will fund conference travel (so we can tell other scientists about our findings, and get new ideas) and undergraduate student summer salary. Undergraduate research have in recent years been the driver behind MilkyWay@home software development, but to continue that they need summer support and opportunities for professional travel. Thank you all, really, for your continued support of MilkyWay@home. Sincerely, Prof. Heidi Jo Newberg" Cheers, -Sidd


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