Mac OS X Support For Separation
Source:  Milkyway@home
lundi 8 mai 2017 21:13

Hey Everyone,

I just released a Mac OS X version of Separation that should run on CPUs and GPUs (with double precision support). Please let me know if you have any issues with the Mac Separation application here.

Jake W.

Planck contest standings
Source:  Cosmology@Home: News
dimanche 7 mai 2017 16:35

The in-progress standings of the Planck contest can now be seen here! (note: those standings include only Planck jobs, the Pentathlon counts any Cosmology@Home job).

Additionally, validation had been lagging a bit, but that is now fixed. It should take about 48 hours for all the jobs that had piled up waiting on validation to finish and for credit to be granted. There is also a shortage of work for the camb_boinc2docker and planck_param_sims applications, which I'm currently working on now and I expect to be fixed by tonight. Apologies for this!

New Release 1.64
Source:  Milkyway@home
mercredi 3 mai 2017 21:35

Hey All,

I am about to release a new version of nbody. This version has a number of updates that expands functionality. I will make a blog post describing these updates soon.

We do not have mac binaries this time around. We are working on getting those. We also do not have 32bit support on either linux or windows.

The system I built the linux binaries on was Ubuntu 14.04 so there is the distinct possibility that they may not run on systems older than this.

I will put up some runs after releasing. Please let me know if there are any problems.

Scheduled Server Maintenance Concluded
Source:  Milkyway@home
mercredi 3 mai 2017 17:51

Hello Everyone,

I just finished up server maintenance. Expect errors from any runs not labelled:


If you experience errors from these runs specifically please post below so I can help troubleshoot them.

Thanks for your patience and support,
Jake W.

Scheduled Server Maintenance May 2nd
Source:  Milkyway@home
lundi 1 mai 2017 17:52

Hello Crunchers,

We have some scheduled maintenance for tomorrow, May 2nd. This maintenance will include the release of MilkyWay@home Separation version 1.46 as well as an update to our server code to support this new application version. If everything goes well we expect everything to be up and running within a half hour. If there are issues, I will be troubleshooting them until they are fixed.

I will make a new post tomorrow at the conclusion of the update and maintenance where you should post any issues you see.

Jake W.


Took down old runs to prepare for the new update. This should prevent seeing a bunch of errors when the new application comes out. Waiting on the work queue to clear out a bit before the new release.


C@H a BOINC Pentathlon project!
Source:  Cosmology@Home: News
dimanche 30 avril 2017 15:09

And in addition to the new Planck jobs, C@H is the "Marathon" project for the yearly BOINC Pentathlon contest! You can find out more about the Pentathlon here.

To slightly sweeten the deal, we'd like to add a few more thank-yous to the paper, so we will again take the top 3 users and top team (excluding the winners from last time) and add your names to the paper. Although you're welcome to start crunching Planck jobs now, the contest will be only considering Planck jobs returned during the Pentathlon which runs from May 5th to May 19th (see above link for a countdown). We'll post an updated page to keep track of the leaders this week. Good luck everyone!

Planck satellite analysis part 2
Source:  Cosmology@Home: News
dimanche 30 avril 2017 00:15

Hi folks. Last year, you guys helped analyze results from the Planck satellite by having your computers comb through millions of simulations of our universe, to help us understand if some curiosities in the Planck data were just statistical flukes, or if they were hints of a new discovery. In a bit more detail, the science behind these jobs was described here, and your results allowed us to write a paper which explored these questions (which we'll summarize in a future post). Along the way we also had a contest for who contributed the most computing power to these jobs, and we ultimately thanked winners MaDdCoW, 25000ghz[Lombardia], Rally1965 and team BOINC.Italy in the paper.

For those that aren't familiar with the way publication works, first a paper is submitted, then a referee replies with comments and requests for revisions, then the authors respond and the paper is eventually accepted or rejected. This is the stage we're currently in now, working on this response. As part of the response, it would be useful to analyze some more simulations, so starting today and continuing at least for a few weeks, we'll be adding back a bunch more Planck jobs.

Thanks again to all who contribute and happy crunching!

Interview with Gridcoin
Source:  yoyo@home
samedi 29 avril 2017 00:00

In February 2017 Gridcoin people interviewed me about yoyo@home and yafu, my experience operating a Boinc project and my view on Gridcoin. You can listen to the interview on SoundCloud.

“It’s not just big data. It’s for the good of humanity.”
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
jeudi 27 avril 2017 17:17

Three co-workers wanted their company to support World Community Grid, but they knew they’d need to convince many people to make their vision a reality. Here’s how they did it.

LHCb application is in production
Source:  LHC@Home Classic : SIXTRACK
jeudi 27 avril 2017 09:50

We are very happy to announce that the LHCb application is out of beta and is now in production mode on LHC@home. Thank you all for your precious contribution.

We are grateful to have you all as part of our project.

Please, refer to the LHCb application forum for any problem or feedback.

Thanks a lot