5,610,195 WUs
Source:  FightMalaria@Home
vendredi 20 mars 2015 12:50

I said it will be 60M WUs but we have some work to do before.

Happy crunching!

12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project...
Source:  WEP-M+2 Project
jeudi 19 mars 2015 12:53

...62795 times

Top distributed computing projects still hard at work fighting the world's worst health issues
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
lundi 9 mars 2015 16:43

An article on ITWorld.com about the Outsmart Ebola Together project on World Community Grid.

Server was restored after disk crash
Source:  SAT@home
jeudi 6 mars 2014 10:20

The server was restored after crash. The reason of the crash was the lack of a disk space (due to large log files). As a result some workunits were created incorrectly. Such workunits were cancelled. If processing of any workunit does not take any CPU resources, please abort it manually. I am sorry for these troubles. Besides all we moved all log files to separate disk partition, so such crashes should not occur in the future.

Сервер проекта восстановлен после сбоя. Причиной был недостаток дискового пространства (вызванный большими размерами файлов с логами). В результате некоторые задания были созданные некорректно. Эти задания были отменены. Если обработка некоторого задания не занимает ресурсы процессора, пожалуйста прервите эту обработку вручную. Извиняюсь за беспокойство. Кроме всего прочего, мы переместили все файлы с логами в отдельный дисковый раздел, поэтому подобные сбои больше не должны повториться.

Server performance
Source:  GPUGrid
mercredi 4 mars 2015 11:28

Let us know if there are still issues of connecting to the server or downloading/uploading. gdf

Server reboot
Source:  GPUGrid
mercredi 4 mars 2015 10:17

We rebooted the server today (after 1 year) to see if the recent problems are going to get better. We are also planning to buy a new server as soon as we get some grant money. gdf

Change to CPU/AMD GPU application
Source:  GPUGrid
mardi 3 mars 2015 19:44

To better reflect the nature of the application, the AMD GPU application is now called Molecular Dynamics for CPU and AMD GPUs. It will be issued to any machine that: * accepts CPU work * has no NVIDIA GPUs * has zero or more AMD GPUs The intention is that it will use CPU cores, and be further accelerated by an AMD GPU is one happens to be present.

      5 Bivium9_* instances were solved
      Source:  SAT@home
      jeudi 8 janvier 2015 16:59

      5 instances (Bivium9_0, Bivium9_1, Bivium9_2, Bivium9_3, Bivium9_4) were solved by:
      5 задач (Bivium9_0, Bivium9_1, Bivium9_2, Bivium9_3, Bivium9_4) были решены:
      KySU / Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream
      Ralfy from BOINC Synergy / Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream
      NotANumber / Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream
      DooKey from [H]ard|OCP / Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream
      Endurance from Crystal Dream / Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream

      Server was restored
      Source:  SAT@home
      mercredi 17 décembre 2014 09:53

      Server of the project was offline for 3 days because of hardware problems. Recently these problems were fixed.

      Сервер проекта был недоступен 3 дня из-за проблем с аппартаным обеспечением. К настоящему моменту проблемы были решены.

      Fixed credit system was launched
      Source:  SAT@home
      vendredi 12 décembre 2014 14:14

      Fixed credit system was launched. In the current experiment 130 credits are granted for each WU.

      Запущена система с фиксированными кредитами. В текущем эксперименте за каждый WU выдается 130 кредитов.


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