New N-Body Runs (6/28)
Source:  Milkyway@home
samedi 28 juin 2014 17:42

These are the new runs: de_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_0 de_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_1 de_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_2 de_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_3 ps_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_0 ps_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_1 ps_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_2 ps_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_3 Most people's issues with the last set should be fixed. Post errors here please. Also, if you are having issues still with the ones from 6/10 and 6/11, expect to stop seeing those work units as the queue vacates in the next few weeks. Thanks, Jake

Dear MilkyWay@home Volunteers
Source:  Milkyway@home
mardi 24 juin 2014 03:06

Dear Milkyway@home volunteer, During the past year we have made great strides in scientific research using MilkyWay@home and we have great plans for the future. Thank you for your help in making this happen! As a token of our appreciation we have introduced the volunteer badge system; our cyber-gift that tracks your years of service to the project and your contributed computer power. I encourage you to read our Newsletter to find out more. You can also track us on the Web. Check out our YouTube Channel, where we post our simulation videos, and like us on Facebook to get the latest updates. Unfortunately, we now need your help more than ever. Last month I was informed that the U.S. National Science Foundation was not renewing our grant that operates MilkyWay@home. I would have been incensed, but unfortunately, due to the tight federal budgets, this is happening to strong and hard-working researchers all over the country. To maintain operations for the next year, we need to raise $40K (for budget details), and we need your help. Your contribution, of any amount, will be recognized with a badge on your MilkyWay@home profile. In addition, for every $100 donated before August 15, 2014, we will send a free T-shirt, designed by our team members, that says “I support MilkyWay@home” to any address in the United States (additional donation required for international addresses or special shirt sizes, see here). You can even link a cool picture of you in your shirt to our Facebook page! We really appreciate the use of your computer, which contributes to our 0.5 PetaFLOPS MilkyWay@home supercomputer. If you are also able and willing to help us financially you can make a donation by credit card here. For other donation options and to track our campaign see our Fundraising page. I and the MilkyWay@home team thank you so much for your assistance! In appreciation, Prof. Heidi Jo Newberg and the MilkyWay@home team

Source:  GPUGrid
jeudi 19 juin 2014 19:03

Hi guys!! There's a new project in the long queue ( NOELIA_THROMBIN ) . It consists of the binding of 6 different inhibitors to the protease thrombin, a protein in the coagulation cascade. With these, we are trying to demonstrate that molecular simulations can be as useful as X-Ray crystallography predicting binding modes. Thanks to all, P.D: Report any problems please! Noelia

12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project...
Source:  WEP-M+2 Project
jeudi 19 juin 2014 12:53

...50778 times - still no sign of any larger factors

Project maintenance and downtime on Jun 20
Source:  SIMAP - Similarity Matrix of Proteins
mercredi 18 juin 2014 09:17

This project will be offline for maintenance on Friday, 20th of June, 6.30 UTC until approximately 14.00 UTC. best regards Thomas

Continuously BURPing for a decade
Source:  BURP RenderFarming
lundi 16 juin 2014 18:59

On June the 16th 2004, the very first test renders started rendering on BURP. A lot has happened since then and a lot of the original ideas from back then have now been turned into reality. We aren't done just yet, so stay tuned for more in the next 10 years - Happy anniversary!

new interface validator up and going
Source:  Wildlife@Home
vendredi 13 juin 2014 20:29

I've been hand running it for awhile but I think it's good to go. Please let me know if you see any issues. It's up and going and trackable on the server status page. On another note, I'll be camping from June 16-July 1st, and off the grid (hooray), so I won't be checking the forums and projects for those two weeks. Hopefully nothing crashes and burns while I'm gone. cheers, --Travis

badge export for 3rd party sites.
Source:  Milkyway@home
vendredi 13 juin 2014 21:23

Hi Everyone, I've made a script which outputs everyones badges to an xml file for 3rd party export. The badge information can be downloaded here: And will be updated daily. This information can also be found in the show_user.php page, e.g.: Let me know how it's working! --Travis

Web code updated
Source:  Albert@Home
jeudi 12 juin 2014 16:08

We just updated the standard BOINC web code to (more or less) the latest version. This update was part of the general server code update we ran over the past days and is a prerequisite to go ahead with the Drupal migration.

The update went fairly well so far but we still need to verify that everything still works. So be prepared to hit a few bumps in the road over the next days...


Source:  GPUGrid
mercredi 11 juin 2014 16:03

Dear all, Just sent 1000 WUs under the group name TRPS1S4. This is probably the last batch of a project you've been crunching for more than one year now (WUs: FXA, FXArep.. and similar names) for thrombosis disease. This last batch is particularly important, since will allow us to see if these simulations can predict experimental outcomes. Please report any problems. Thanks to all and happy crunching! Noelia


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