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11,283- factored
Source:  NFS@Home
lundi 1 août 2016 05:59

NFS@Home has factored 11,283-, a Cunningham Most Wanted number. It factors into 118-digit and 150-digit prime numbers. We have received a small additional allocation of cluster time from TACC, so a few more factorizations will follow shortly. Thanks for your continued contributions!

Setizen Jack Lass has passed away.
Source:  SETI@Home
dimanche 31 juillet 2016 22:50

The SETI@home team is sad to note the passing of long time SETI@home volunteer Jack Lass. Many of you will remember him from the original SETI@home forums. Our condolences go out to his wife and son. We will miss him.

Task and CPU limiter
Source:  vLHCathome-dev
dimanche 31 juillet 2016 09:48

The server has just been updated to add the feature that limits Tasks and CPUs per user. This limit can be controlled in the project preferences.

Together with my changes to the scheduler, per-project limits on jobs in progress and #CPUs should now work. But I haven't actually tested this. Laurence, please try it and tell me if it doesn't work.
-- David

Please post any feedback in this thread.

How the Human Proteome Folding Project Continues to Contribute to Science
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
vendredi 29 juillet 2016 18:46

Rich Bonneau, technical lead for the Human Proteome Folding project, recently spoke with us about how the project has contributed to advances in his work, as well as to advances in the understanding of the structure and function of proteins. This update includes a slide presentation and an audio recording of our interview as well as written excerpts.

Server Upgrade
Source:  vLHCathome
vendredi 29 juillet 2016 14:00

The server will be upgraded Monday morning. The downtime should be no longer than a few minutes.

Important: website downtime/relaunch next week!
Source:  Einstein@Home
vendredi 29 juillet 2016 11:42

Just a quick reminder about the imminent website downtime/relaunch planned for next week, starting Monday morning (CEST): https://einsteinathome.org/node/198698

Have a nice weekend!

Project News Jul 29, 2016
Source:  Rosetta@home
vendredi 29 juillet 2016 09:00

Another paper from the Baker lab in Science! Designed Protein Containers Push Bioengineering Boundaries. "In this paper, former Baker lab graduate student Jacob Bale, Ph.D. and collaborators describe the computational design and experimental characterization of ten two-component protein complexes that self-assemble into nanocages with atomic-level accuracy. These nanocages are the largest designed proteins to date with molecular weights of 1.8-2.8 megadaltons and diameters comparable to small viral capsids. The structures have been confirmed by X-ray crystallography. The advantage of a multi-component protein complex is the ability to control assembly by mixing individually prepared subunits. The authors show that in vitro mixing of the designed subunits occurs rapidly and enables controlled packaging of negatively charged GFP by introducing positive charges on the interior surfaces of the two copmonents. The ability to design, with atomic-level precision, these large protein nanostructures that can encapsulate biologically relevant cargo and that can be genetically modified with various functionalities opens up exciting new opportunities for targeted drug delivery and vaccine design." - from the IPD website. More information can be found at this link. Thank you all for your contributions!

Bandwidth increased
Source:  YAFU
jeudi 28 juillet 2016 21:45

I increased my internet bandwith. You can now download the apps from yafu 10 times faster as before, with roughly 6 MBit/s.

Server Upgrade Tomorrow Morning
Source:  vLHCathome-dev
jeudi 28 juillet 2016 16:07

The server will be upgrade tomorrow morning.

Source:  vLHCathome-dev
jeudi 28 juillet 2016 15:03

David Anderson, Rom Walton and myself had a conference call yesterday where we discussed limiting tasks per user, why we want to do this, mutli-core VMs and the VT-x issues.

One of the reasons why we would like to limit tasks is that machines can be assigned more tasks that they can handle or is desired, which leads to problems. David pointed out that BOINC should respect the resource constraints and if not the issue needs to be looked into. Feedback on this would be welcome so I have created a new thread where you can paste any scenarios where BOINC is not respecting the constraints.

Implementing a task limit per user should be straight forward. I will provide an updated php file for the project preferences and David will update the scheduler code to take this into consideration.

Similarly for multi-core, we can set a flag in the project preference on whether or not you would like BOINC provide multi-core VMs. This is an area where we probably still need to experiment.

Finally, the VT-x issue was discussed as over 30% of our failed tasks are VMs that fail to boot due to this setting not being available or enabled. It was pointed out that tasks should not be provided if the machine is not capable of running them. This will also be investigated.