CAS@home computing schedule
Source:  CAS@home
mercredi 12 février 2014 04:04

Thanks to all the generous contribution from our volunteers, TreeThreader has finished its first computing campaign of 50K protein sequences. Very important scientific conclusion has been drawn from the results and a new paper is in the process of writing. Official results will be published later on CAS@home news.A new campaign of TreeThreader will be launched soon with a task of 80K sequences to be predicted! 感谢各位志愿者的热心帮助,TreeThreader已经成功完成了第一批的计算任务,成功破解了5万条新蛋白质序列的结构。基于这些计算结果,生物学家在利用海藻提炼石油的研究方面已经得出重要的科学结论,目前正在撰写相关论文。CAS@home后续会继续公布正式的科学结论。TreeThreader后续将有更大的计算任务(约8万条蛋白质序列),目前计算任务正在部署中。

New experiment - weakened Bivium
Source:  SAT@home
mardi 11 février 2014 11:32

Experiment aimed at solving weakened cryptanalysis problems for Bivium cipher was launched.

Запущен эксперимент, направленный на решение ослабленных задач криптоанализа шифра Bivium.

Some new work units running
Source:  Milkyway@home
lundi 10 février 2014 17:47

I started 4 runs de_modfit_86_3s_modbpl_128wrap_rev_4_1_001 de_modfit_86_3s_modbpl_128wrap_rev_4_1_002 de_modfit_86_3s_128wrap_rev_4_1_001 de_modfit_86_3s_128wrap_rev_4_1_002 Let me know if they do anything crazy. Cheers Jeff Thompson

PD-SAT for cryptology new app SAT@home
Source:  WUProp@Home: New projects / application
samedi 8 février 2014 10:45

A new application is available for the project SAT@home
Project URL:
Data from this application:

Donation Page Working Again
Source:  Milkyway@home
mercredi 5 février 2014 21:27

The donation page is now working again. Several users contacted me, saying that the donation page was hanging up the initial page. The group in charge of the donation system fixed the problem in under 2 hours - wow! In any case, the donation page is live again (and you can get the fancy special contribution badge if you do...)

incoming badges
Source:  Milkyway@home
vendredi 31 janvier 2014 21:47

Hi Everyone, After a very long wait, I've finally got some time to get badges up and going. Hopefully have them all working by the end of the day. Let me know if you're having any issues with them. cheers, --Travis

Beta test of Android simap app
Source:  SIMAP - Similarity Matrix of Proteins
vendredi 31 janvier 2014 11:54

The beta version of a simap app for android is now available. We invite smarthone and tablet owners to test the app and hope that no major problems occur. Please report problems in the "Forum" section of the boincsimap home page. Cheers Thomas

Short shutdown today
Source:  SIMAP - Similarity Matrix of Proteins
jeudi 30 janvier 2014 12:37

We will shutdown the entire BOINC server for about 20 minutes today due to urgent technical maintenance. We'll keep the downtime as short as possible. Cheers Thomas

CometTrails: IMEX - Cometary Dust Trails in Space new app Constellation
Source:  WUProp@Home: New projects / application
mardi 28 janvier 2014 20:21

A new application is available for the project Constellation
Project URL:
Data from this application:

Waiting for a new experiment
Source:  SAT@home
mercredi 29 janvier 2014 10:59

In the current experiment all workunits were generated. New experiment is coming soon. One's goal is to analyze cryptographic cipher Bivium.

В текущем эксперименте сгенерированы все задания. Скоро будет запущен новый эксперимент. Его цель - анализ криптографического шифра Bivium.


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