bivium14_1 solved
Source:  SAT@home
lundi 17 mars 2014 10:03

Problem bivium14_1 was solved by Crystal Spirit and Shaman.

Задача bivium14_1 была решена Crystal Spirit and Shaman

Chemnitz Linux Days 2014
Source:  yoyo@home
vendredi 14 mars 2014 00:00

I will be on the Chemnitz Linux Days 2014 from 15.-16.3. in Chemnitz Germany. has a booth in the main hall where you can meet me and other people. The "Chemnitz Linux Days" is a conference that deals with Linux and Open Source Software. It is open for everyone, novices and experts alike.

New application - Zeta-Search
Source:  EDGeS@Home
mardi 11 mars 2014 13:00

EDGeS@Home has launched a new application called Zeta-Search.

ExSciTech games beta version online!
Source:  Docking@Home
lundi 10 mars 2014 17:05

Explore the molecules that make up the world around us! Challenge yourself to identify them using molecule flashcards game! Build your own question sets to challenge the rest of us! Join us in the ExSciTecH (Exercise, Science, Technology, and Health) project!ExSciTecH molecule flashcards are live and now in public beta. You can access ExSciTecH here! You can play the flashcards game without an account, but you will need to register a new account to save your high scores and to build your own question sets. Your question sets will be public after we review them. In the forum, there is a tutorial on how to build question sets through this link. We look forward to having experienced volunteers with chemistry background to enrich our question sets. Please note that the account is separate from your Docking@Home account.

New application - Zeta-Search
Source:  EDGeS@Home
mercredi 5 mars 2014 15:00

EDGeS@Home will launch a new application called Zeta-Search soon.

OddWeirdSearch: report on new stage of our search
Source:  yoyo@home
jeudi 27 février 2014 00:00

Check the posting about information from the author about the next stage.

OGR-27: official results
Source:  yoyo@home
jeudi 27 février 2014 00:00

Dear friends, is proud to announce the completion of OGR-27! It is almost five years ago to the day that we began on this exciting journey. Almost 20,000 of you joined us.. without whom, it would have been impossible. We have proven conclusively by the exhaustive search of all possible rulers that the previously predicted 27-mark ruler is indeed the most optimal one. We were confident that we would find a more optimal ruler during this search, but it was not to be. We expected it to take us seven years to complete this awesome task but thanks to your efforts recruiting your friends and co-workers to our effort and a little help from Moore’s Law, we did it in five. The best known ruler is 27/3-12-26-25-29-2-9-36-10-68-1-4-17-53-35-8-16-28-6-14-13-71-18-19-23-7 (length 553). Represented the other way, this is marks at positions 0 3 15 41 66 95 97 106 142 152 220 221 225 242 295 330 338 354 382 388 402 415 486 504 523 546 553. In total, we verified 302,621,586 unique stubs (2,526 with 3-diffs, 179,120 with 4-diffs, 6,457,815 with 5-diffs and 295,982,125 with 6-diffs), requiring each to have been completed at least two times independently and with an identical node count. Additionally, due to a client implementation bug in some early clients, we required all stubs to have been verified at least once by a client greater than v2.9109.518. This delayed us by a few weeks towards the end of the project but was necessary to ensure that no work was skipped. The shortest ruler was sent to us 11 times, with one user completing it twice. I will be writing to this user directly for some help picking lottery numbers! We will be sending some swag to the lucky winners and hope that you will join us as we move on to our next challenge! (from

OddWeirdSearch continues
Source:  yoyo@home
dimanche 23 février 2014 00:00

I released some workunits for Linux 64 systems as test. We now attack a range up to 1028.

OGR-27: Finished
Source:  yoyo@home
mercredi 19 février 2014 00:00

After 1,821 days we finished the OGR-27 project. All stubs were computed at least twice. The Boinc part of this project computed more than 5% of all OGR-27 stubs. At the end we had a rate of 10%. Now the Boinc server delivers OGR-28 workunits. This is to discover the most optimal Golomb Ruler with 28 marks. We anticipate that it will take about as long as OGR-27 has. It has some features in common with OGR-27: some of the packets will be very large (up to 1500 Gnodes), and there are three stub spaces. We expect that the first two stub spaces will take about 90 days to complete. For the stats freaks among you, the number of stubs for each stubspace of OGR-28 is below: Stubspace 1: 115676 Stubspace 2: 5823649 Stubspace 3: 518152118 No new application is needed, since OGR-27 clients are ready for OGR-28. (from

Odd Weird Search finished
Source:  yoyo@home
lundi 17 février 2014 00:00

The Odd Weird Search Project finished, all workunits were computed. Many thanks to all valunteers. We currently evaluating the results and working on a successor application which allows us to search larger numbers.


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