5,419- is done
Source:  NFS@Home
dimanche 20 mars 2016 07:28

And another Cunningham Most Wanted number falls. 5,419- is the product of 78-digit and 147-digit prime numbers. I wish you all a happy spring/autumn!

12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project...
Source:  WEP-M+2 Project
samedi 19 mars 2016 12:52

...84895 times

New pulsar discoveries by Einstein@home
vendredi 18 mars 2016 22:22

Check out two new papers about the discovery of unusual pulsars by Einstein@home.

Beta Version of DENIS Simulator (Natrium) now running
Source:  DENIS@Home
jeudi 17 mars 2016 17:11

The new version of DENIS Simulator is out. We will generate some beta WUs to see if all is correct. To run those WUs, you have to modify your account preferences and check the option of run beta applications.
You can find more information about the new version here: http://denis.usj.es/denis-natrium/
Source: DENIS News
Link: Beta Version of DENIS Simulator (Natrium) now running

Server software update
Source:  vLHCathome
jeudi 17 mars 2016 14:30

We will update the BOINC server software for vLHCathome this afternoon to bring it to the same level as for our development project.

The server will be down for an hour or so. Thanks for your understanding and collaboration.

Noelia's PhD defence and departure
Source:  GPUGrid
jeudi 17 mars 2016 03:48

Dear all, I have defended my doctoral thesis very recently, on March 4th, and it would have been impossible without your support. My thesis focused on the understanding of ligand-receptor interactions on a different set of systems, in all cases by running simulations in GPUGRID. The thesis itself will be publicly available after an embargo period (here is the link in any case: http://hdl.handle.net/10803/363212) due to the still-unpublished works it contains. In summary, with the support of GPUGRID we have produced works on seven systems, three are already published, two under review and the two left will be submitted very soon (so expect new badges soon!!). I must also say that I will be no longer working in GPUGRID. I have already moved to Boston where I will apply the methods that I have learned working on here to drug discovery programs. Many thanks again, Noelia

Server code update
Source:  vLHCathome-dev
mercredi 16 mars 2016 10:44

We're down for a short while for a server code update.

Disk Space Exceeded
Source:  LHC@Home Classic : SIXTRACK
mercredi 16 mars 2016 07:15

I am sorry we have submitted some "bad" WUs.
They are using too much disk space.
Please delete any WUS with names like

Sequence 474376 terminates
Source:  YAFU
samedi 12 mars 2016 12:38

Sequence 474376 terminated:

Performance record
Source:  SAT@home
samedi 12 mars 2016 09:58

New record of the project performance (15,6 TFLOPs) was obtained during the last competition! Thanks to all our crunchers!

В течение последнего соревнования был достигнут новый рекорд производительности (15,6 терафлопс). Спасибо всем нашим кранчерам!


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