Do you have a Question for Steve Wozniak?
Source:  theSkyNet POGS - the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey
mercredi 10 août 2016 02:34

This is primarily for the people of Perth, but if you'd like me to ask Steve Wozniak a question - complete the survey -

Firewall Failure
Source:  Collatz Conjecture
mardi 9 août 2016 18:10

Internet access was lost last night due to the magic smoke being released from a capacitor in the firewall's power supply. The backup firewall will be used until I replace the primary firewall.

Science Page Now Available in Russian
Source:  Milkyway@home
mardi 9 août 2016 17:15

Hey Everyone,

One of our fellow crunchers "Shmya-2" was kind enough to take the time to translate our science page to Russian. For those of you interested in giving it a read please visit here.

Thank you Shmya-2.


Planck parameter sims paper out
Source:  Cosmology@Home: News
mardi 9 août 2016 05:07

In February we started running a new application. Today the paper making use of the results that thousands of you guys calculated is out! Look here in the coming weeks for more posts detailing exactly what we found. Until then, you can see the paper here. On behalf of the C@H team and of the Planck collaboration, thanks again everyone!

New solutions found
Source:  SAT@home
lundi 8 août 2016 16:42

23 new pairs of MODLS of order 10 were found in the current experiment (# 34-56 in the list of solutions found).

23 новые пары ОДЛК порядка 10 были найдены в текущем эксперименте (№ 34-56 в списке найденных решений).

Please don't upgrade to Virtual Box 5.1.2 (now supported)
Source:  vLHCathome
lundi 8 août 2016 15:22

Please don't upgrade to Virtual Box 5.1.2 as it does not seem to work for us at the moment. An issue(#1606) has been submitted to the developers.

Source:  Einstein@Home
vendredi 5 août 2016 17:12

Welcome to our all new website and our new official logo!

We hope you like the new design and structural changes. Take your time touring the site and review our motivation for the changes. If you want to provide feedback you can of course do so in the two topmost featured topics in the problems and bug reports forum section.

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MilkyWay@home Server Maintenance
Source:  Milkyway@home
vendredi 5 août 2016 13:11

Hey Everyone,

Sorry the server was down for so long. I upgraded the operating system on the server yesterday and some of the upgraded programs did not want to play nice. Everything seems to be working well now.

If you see any persisting errors on the website, or coming from BOINC please post them here.


How cool is this!!!
Source:  theSkyNet POGS - the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey
vendredi 5 août 2016 08:39

I’m excited to announce that I am hosting Think Inc.’s event An evening with Steve Wozniak Perth on 24th August. I’ll be talking to Woz about Apple, innovation, entrepreneurship, virtual reality and the amount of grunt needed from Astronomy.

Two more complete
Source:  NFS@Home
jeudi 4 août 2016 22:30

Two more Cunningham Most Wanted numbers are done. 7,353+ factors into 89-digit and 152-digit primes, and 7,353- factors into 98-digit and 165-digit primes.