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World Record Twin Primes Found!
Source:  PrimeGrid
mardi 20 septembre 2016 14:47

On 14 September 2016 04:24:46 UTC, PrimeGrid’s Sophie Germain Prime Search found World Record twin primes: 2996863034895*2^1290000±1 The twin primes are 388,342 digits long, eclipsing the previous record of 200,700 digits. They will enter Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database ranked 1st for twins, and each entered individually ranked 4180th overall. The discovery was made by Tom Greer (tng*) of the United States using an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2623 v3 @ 3GHz with 32 GB RAM running Windows 10 Professional. This computer, using LLR, took approximately 23 minutes to complete the primality tests of both primes. Tom is a member of the Sicituradastra. team. The prime was verified on 15 September 2016 01:32:51 UTC, by Don Palmer (Don Palmer) of Canada using an Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7600 @ 3.06GHz with 4 GB RAM running OS X 10.11.6. This computer, using LLR, took approximately 1 hour 37 minutes to complete the primality tests of both primes. Don is a member of the Team Canada team. For more details, please see the official announcement.

MilkyWay@home Version 1.38 Released
Source:  Milkyway@home
lundi 19 septembre 2016 21:36

Hello Everyone,

I just released the newest version of the MilkyWay@home application (1.38). The only major change to this version is an inclusion of the newest BOINC libraries in an attempt to improve compatibility with the new graphics cards.

Mac users will still receive the 1.36 application version for the time being while we work on securing a new Mac computer to build and test on for the future.

If you notice any issues with this application please post them here.

Happy Crunching,


12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project...
Source:  WEP-M+2 Project
lundi 19 septembre 2016 12:53

...95754 times

Migration to SSL
Source:  vLHCathome-dev
vendredi 16 septembre 2016 16:18

The scheduler and web pages of this dev project are now also published on the URL:


Please detach and re-attach to this new URL with your BOINC clients. The old project server is still running, and also the file upload and validation daemons run on the old server for now.

Later on after a test period, we will redirect the old URL. Then we will proceed in a similar way with our production project.

No new tasks temporarily
Source:  SAT@home
vendredi 16 septembre 2016 10:27

Work generetor was temporarily stopped. We are going to move the project to a new sever approximately in November, so we need all tasks to be processed.

Генератор заданий временно остановлен. Мы собираемся перенести проект на новый сервер в ноябре, поэтому нам нужно, чтобы все задания были обработаны.

2,1954M, 2,1982M, 2,1009+, 2,1019+, XYYXF 139,122, and XYYXF 147,136 factored
Source:  NFS@Home
jeudi 15 septembre 2016 20:51

We have completed 2,1954M, 2,1982M, 2,1009+, and 2,1019+ from the Cunningham Project, and 139,122 and 147,136 from the XYYXF project. Details of all of these factorizations are available on the Status of Numbers page. Let's keep it up!
[Edited to add 2,1019+]

New solutions found
Source:  SAT@home
jeudi 15 septembre 2016 11:11

4 new pairs of MODLS of order 10 were found in the current experiment (# 57-60 in the list of solutions found).

4 новые пары ОДЛК порядка 10 были найдены в текущем эксперименте (№ 57-60 в списке найденных решений).

UV and BHspin2 tasks
Source:  Universe@Home
mardi 13 septembre 2016 18:17

Regarding to latest problems with tasks submissions to your computers we plan to make some maintenance work on our server and results analyse machine at the end of this week or start of next one.
The server will be stopped for about 6 hours but I will publish info when this happens before we start.

Changes to the multicore app configuration
Source:  ATLAS@Home
mardi 13 septembre 2016 10:09

After analysis of results from the multicore app (see this thread) we have made the following changes

- Minimum VirtualBox version required is 5.0.0
- Maximum cores reduced from 12 to 8 (this can be overridden in app_config.xml but we have seen severe performance issues above 8 cores)
- Enforced that hardware acceleration is enabled on the host. This should stop the -148 ERR_EXEC errors because WU will not be sent to these hosts.

Please continue to provide your feedback on changes we make.

Project News Sep 12, 2016
Source:  Rosetta@home
lundi 12 septembre 2016 09:00

In the last few weeks our project has experienced significant issues resulting in slower than usual work unit distribution, result processing, and credit granting. The cause of this was due to the increasingly large number of new hosts causing our database server to become very sluggish and eventually run out of disk space. Our short term solution was to reconfigure and optimize the project configuration and existing database server, purge old data quicker than usual, and temporarily stop resource intense database queries. This recovery mode will continue until the project stabilizes which may take a few days to a week. An interim solution will be to temporarily upgrade our database server and thanks to our sys admins, we already have a machine ready to go that has plenty of disk space and double the memory. The upgrade will require a day of downtime which is planned to happen early this week. The long term solution will be a complete system hardware upgrade to all our servers. The BOINC server software will also be upgraded. We are in the process of ordering these machines and hope to have them running within the next few months. The project is somewhat stable now and clients should be getting work as usual. However, result processing and credit granting may still be slow and our status information/page may not be up to date as we are in recovery mode and our servers continue to catch up on things. Work history will also be shortened to temporarily save space. We expect things to be back to normal in a few days to a week. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your continued contributions!