Source:  GPUGrid
jeudi 22 janvier 2015 16:33

We just launched 400 very long WU (they will take about 24h in a 780GTX) named VERYLONG_CXCL12_confAna whose results we need as soon as possible (we are in a hurry). They come with a credit+bonus of 400K. Please, if you don't have a good graphic card, reject them. For the brave ones, take it as a challenge and see you on the performance tab ;)

A new GPUGRID initiative
Source:  GPUGrid
mercredi 21 janvier 2015 17:07

Crunching is a creative and challenging way of learning about the behavior of our computers and improving them while helping the GPUGRID team to understand a bit more the mystery of the world we live in and the diseases that affect not only us, but also the people we love. The GPUGRID team couldn’t be more satisfied and proud of forming part of this noble project, and so we’d like to deeply thank each of the 1000 users that connect to us every day, making us part of their lives and making them part of ours, as a team. Behind each computer, behind each GPU and each WU or forum post, there’s the real protagonist of our story as a community: YOU, the cruncher. At GPUGRID, we are considering the possibility of starting a new campaign to thank the users that contribute with our project by sending them little tokens of gratitude, such as proteins/aminoacid molecules printed by our 3D printer or merchandising such as t-shirts or stickers. We still have to establish the contest rules, but most likely each of the user would have a probability of winning based on their contribution. Once in a while we would like to run a story about the winner, explaining why you crunch, what's the setup of your computer, a small description of yourselves or a picture of you and your token. We believe that it would be a fun and productive experience but before anything we’d like to know your opinion, your suggestions and whether we have your support for this initiative. Let us know!

Important: No new work for pre-Fermi GPUs
Source:  GPUGrid
lundi 19 janvier 2015 18:30

Hello, From today no new work will be scheduled to old pre-Fermi GPUs. This includes Geforce 8800, GTX200 series and GTX9800. Matt

Recommended driver 343 branch or higher
Source:  GPUGrid
mardi 13 janvier 2015 10:35

Happy New Year Crunchers! Per the plans we announced last year year, the CUDA 4.2 application is now terminated leaving the CUDA 6.0 and CUDA 6.5 applications in production. Henceforth, the CUDA 6.0 application will become the "compatibility" application, providing support to older systems. It will not receive any feature updates. All new feature releases - new GPU support, performance improvements, etc - will be introduced in the CUDA 6.5 application. Baring any unhappy surprises, CUDA 6.5 will be our build platform throughout 2015 and into 2016. As you can see from our statistics graph http://www.gpugrid.net/graphs/trend-appver.png , showing the fraction of our results produced by each application version, currently some 20% of our results are produced by the CUDA 6.0 application. We'd very much like to reduce that to a minimum, so that as many people as possible are using the better application. To ensure you are getting the CUDA 6.5 application, please ensure that your NVIDIA driver is on branch 343 or higher. Matt

5 Bivium9_* instances were solved
Source:  SAT@home
jeudi 8 janvier 2015 16:59

5 instances (Bivium9_0, Bivium9_1, Bivium9_2, Bivium9_3, Bivium9_4) were solved by:
5 задач (Bivium9_0, Bivium9_1, Bivium9_2, Bivium9_3, Bivium9_4) были решены:
KySU / Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream
Ralfy from BOINC Synergy / Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream
NotANumber / Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream
DooKey from [H]ard|OCP / Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream
Endurance from Crystal Dream / Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream

Server was restored
Source:  SAT@home
mercredi 17 décembre 2014 09:53

Server of the project was offline for 3 days because of hardware problems. Recently these problems were fixed.

Сервер проекта был недоступен 3 дня из-за проблем с аппартаным обеспечением. К настоящему моменту проблемы были решены.

Fixed credit system was launched
Source:  SAT@home
vendredi 12 décembre 2014 14:14

Fixed credit system was launched. In the current experiment 130 credits are granted for each WU.

Запущена система с фиксированными кредитами. В текущем эксперименте за каждый WU выдается 130 кредитов.

Crowdfunding project of Russia Team
Source:  SAT@home
vendredi 7 novembre 2014 06:52

Russia Team decided to help SAT@home by creating powerful team PC. Crawdfunding project was created for this purpose.

Команда Russia Team решила поддержать SAT@home путем создания мощного вычислительного командного компьютера. С этой целью создан краудфандинговый проект для сбора средств.

Competition 'Bivium must collapse'
Source:  SAT@home
jeudi 30 janvier 2014 16:50

Competition Bivium must collapse will be held from February 1 2015 to February 8 2015.

Соревнование Bivium must collapse будет проведено с 1 по 8 февраля 2015 года.

94 fixed credits
Source:  SAT@home
mercredi 15 janvier 2014 09:28

In the current experiment value of fixed credits was increased from 84 to 94.

В текущем эксперименте количество выдаваемых фиксированных кредитов было увеличено с 84 до 94.


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