Launch of new Application
Source:  DENIS@Home
mercredi 4 janvier 2017 19:03

Hi everyone,

As some of you have noticed, there are new WUs in the system. We are starting with a small peak of work, but the idea is to maintain a continuous flow of new WUs.

This new part of the project is related to a Database of markers of the simulations. We are populating a database with relevant values of the simulations to make to scientist easy the way to make a exploratory study of the model or avoid making all the time the same simulations.

We are working on the interface of this database and how to integrate in our website, also, we are developing a post to explain more this idea of the Database of markers.

Happy New Year!! And Happy Crunching!
Source: DENIS News
Link: Launch of new Application

ECM: native apps for ARM
Source:  yoyo@home
mercredi 4 janvier 2017 00:00

Since some days native ECM apps are available for ARM 64 and 32 bit Linux systems. No need anymore to install gmp-ecm package.

Community Achievements in 2016
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mardi 27 décembre 2016 18:21

We're grateful for the volunteers and scientists who worked with us this year to launch two new research efforts, make progress on existing projects, and spread the word about volunteer computing to new audiences. Here are some of the highlights of 2016, which wouldn't be possible without each of you.

BOINC:FAST'2017 conference announced
Source:  BOINC: News
mardi 27 décembre 2016 03:56

The Third International Conference on BOINC-based High-performance computing: Fundamental and Applied Science for Technology (BOINC:FAST'2017) will be held August 28 – September 1, 2017, in Petrozavodsk, Russia.

Season's Greetings
Source:  LHC@Home Classic : SIXTRACK
dimanche 25 décembre 2016 09:33

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the LHC@home supporters.
(I shall send some news about our plans for 2017 in the next few days.)

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!
Source:  theSkyNet POGS - the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey
samedi 24 décembre 2016 06:19

Hi Everyone!

It's certainly been a long year, and a little rocky for theSkyNet, but we're slowly bringing things back on track.

I would like to announce that work on Sourcefinder has come to the stage where it's ready to go into beta, so look out for a Sourcefinder announcement in the new year!

Also I want to say thank you to everyone for volunteering their computer time to POGS, everyone on theSkyNet team greatly appreciates the work you do for us :)

So I'll close with a big Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all of you from theSkyNet team. If you don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays to you instead!

Download problems. Can you help?
Source:  GPUGrid
vendredi 23 décembre 2016 23:44

After some tests the only thing that we are sure is that downloads of large files stall when the operating is CentOS7. If we use CentOS6 they do work. Can anybody reproduce it? the way we test it on gpugrid is: wget --no-cache --delete-after We don't know if it is a combination of CentOS7 and our network or it's a problem of CentOS7. There could also be other problems but this is one. gdf

Seasons greetings
Source:  ATLAS@Home
vendredi 23 décembre 2016 09:42

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your contributions to ATLAS@Home this year! It is due to you that ATLAS@Home is one of the most important resources for ATLAS simulation. The project team wishes you a happy holiday and successful 2017!

Most of us will be away for the next two weeks so response to any problems will be slow. However we have loaded up the system with WU so hopefully there is enough to crunch on until the new year.

Best wishes,
The project team

ECM: double credits for P2 workunits
Source:  yoyo@home
vendredi 23 décembre 2016 00:00

The ecm P2 workunits require up to 10 GB RAM. Because of this they get double credits. Systems with less RAM should not get them.

UWM network maintenance
Source:  Einstein@Home
jeudi 22 décembre 2016 15:17

The UWM network operations need to shutdown our Internet connection for routine maintenance. As a result, the Einstein@Home project will be down on Monday January 2, 2017; starting at 1000 UTC. That is 1100 CET for most Europeans and 0500 EST for East-coast North America. Network downtime will be less than 20 minutes.