A decade of progress is just the beginning in our fight against AIDS
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mercredi 11 novembre 2015 20:00

In this extensive update, the FightAIDS@Home team leader, Prof. Art Olson, recaps nearly a decade of progress in the fight against AIDS: new computational methods, new understanding of key HIV proteins, and huge volumes of computational results that have only begun to be explored. Though Phase 1 is winding down, Phase 2 of this enormous project will continue to advance vital research into the world's deadliest virus.

Nbody Release 1.54
Source:  Milkyway@home
mercredi 11 novembre 2015 18:45

Hey All,

I just released a new version of nbody, version 1.54. There are no major changes, just some minor bug fixes. There was a sampling bug in the velocity assignment which caused it to throw away more possible vels than it should. So the initialization is much faster than before. However, the results should be the same. But faster is always better!

Let me know if there is any issues with the new version/binaries.

Thank you!

Another short service interruption
Source:  LHC@Home Classic : SIXTRACK
lundi 9 novembre 2015 08:51

The LHC@home servers will be down for a short while from 6:30 UTC Tuesday 10th November for a database update.

Reddit AMA
Source:  Milkyway@home
vendredi 6 novembre 2015 14:05

Hey everyone, our Reddit AMA is today. We will begin answering questions at noon eastern time. Check it out here.

Jake W.

Server Maintenance
Source:  Milkyway@home
jeudi 5 novembre 2015 02:12

Hey Everyone,

I'm going to be doing some quick server maintenance for the next hour or so. Should be finished up by 10pm est. Sorry for any inconvenience accessing the website or forums.

Jake W.

Meet Berkeley SETI Research Center's newest researcher
Source:  SETI@Home
mardi 3 novembre 2015 23:04

Zuhra Abdurashidova started working at BSRC in June, and will be helping to get the Breakthrough Listen initiative running. You can see our interview with her at https://youtu.be/0GgDfJ7OMiA

R&D Moves Slowly Toward Open Source
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
lundi 2 novembre 2015 15:42

The power of World Community Grid's crowdsourced research is highlighted in this article on PharmaVOICE.com.

Did SETI@home ever find aliens?
Source:  SETI@Home
vendredi 30 octobre 2015 17:13

While still working our way through a lot of data, this article asks the question: Did SETI@home ever find aliens?

Android application
Source:  Universe@Home
jeudi 29 octobre 2015 15:16

Thanks to the user matszpk we can start Today testing Android version of our application.

Application will be available soon but only for users who mark "Test application" in their options.

SSL Certificate Replaced
Source:  Collatz Conjecture
mercredi 28 octobre 2015 14:29

After finally getting the site cleared by Google's security scan, I was able to apply for and install a new SSL certificate. Thanks for your patience.


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