American Astronomical Society featured our research!
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lundi 2 octobre 2017 20:53

AAS Nova, a service run by American Astronomical Society, featured our research on ultraluminous X-ray sources! Authors of the note emphasize the fact that data was acquired through volunteer computing. You can see the note on


AAS Nova, serwis prowadzony przez Amerykańskie Towarzystwo Astronomiczne, wyróżnił nasze badania nad ultrajasnymi źródłami rentgenowskimi. Autorzy informacji podkreślili, że dane zostały otrzymane przez obliczenia wolontariackie. Artykuł można znaleźć pod (english only):

BSRC Student Travel Fundraiser
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lundi 2 octobre 2017 20:10

Berkeley SETI Research Center is holding a fundraiser to raise $7000 to send our student interns to conferences to present their work.

We’ve been working with some great students at Berkeley SETI, and we’re optimistic that some of them will become the scientists and engineers who lead the field in future and maybe even find the signal we’re searching for. In the meantime they have been doing amazing work and we’d like to send them to academic conferences to present their results, and for their own professional development. If you would like to help with this effort, we are running a crowdfunding campaign at - every donation counts! We also have some fun perks including the chance to ask questions to members of the Berkeley SETI team, and to attend a party in our lab.

Although this does not directly benefit SETI@home (our annual fundraiser will start in a couple weeks), it's a worthy cause. I'll be contributing!

Server task generating breake...
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samedi 30 septembre 2017 02:27

As some users are reporting serious problems with finished WU's uploading I have to dry server, unload queue to get more info what's happaend.
So, we will not generate new taks at least for next two-three weeks.

A Volunteer in France on Why He Joined World Community Grid
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vendredi 29 septembre 2017 19:10

Meet Gil Rivet, a volunteer from France who is an administrator for the Crunchers Sans Frontieres team. Here's his story in his own words.

Phaseout of legacy site:
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vendredi 29 septembre 2017 15:50

LHC@home has been consolidated and uses SSL for communication as mentioned in this thread last year.

Some BOINC clients are still connecting to the old address, that will be phased out soon.

If this is the case for you, please re-attach the project to the current LHC@home URL presented in the BOINC manager. ( will redirect your BOINC client to )

For those who are still running an old BOINC 6 client, please upgrade to BOINC 7.2 or later. (The current BOINC client releases are 7.6.33 or 7.8.)

Many thanks for your contributions to LHC@home!

Update to latest server version
Source:  YAFU
vendredi 29 septembre 2017 09:46

The server was updated to the lates BOINC server version. Please check for problems.

Our result files
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vendredi 29 septembre 2017 00:24

Some results of all of us work are available now under "Server->Our results" menu.
There are also files with processed data available for all interested in this subject.

In next few days I will add also files for QuarkStars application entry.

Research on ULXs finally published!
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mercredi 27 septembre 2017 00:07

For a few month we were analyzing a vast amount of data we acquired thanks to the project and finally we published our results. You can find the article here (

Thanks to a large amount of data, we were able to show that ULXs might indeed be a very short phase of extreme accretion in XRBs and not any exotic objects. Our side-result showed that a non-monotonic relation exist between the number of ULXs in a galaxy and the average metallicity (i.e. fraction of heavy ions in stars), which may be useful for obtaining additional information about stellar populations.

We plan to make further research in this field!

The Road Ahead for Help Fight Childhood Cancer
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mardi 26 septembre 2017 20:01

The Help Fight Childhood Cancer researchers discuss how they’re moving forward with data analysis and continuing their search for pharmaceutical partners.

Reminder -- CMS jobs unavailable Weds 27th September
Source:  vLHCathome-dev
mardi 26 septembre 2017 14:25

An upgrade to the CMS@Home workflow management system (WMAgent) is planned for tomorrow (Wed Sep 27th). This needs the current batch of jobs to be stopped so that the queue is empty. I plan to do this about 0700-0800 UTC on Wednesday.
To avoid "error while computing" task failures and the resulting back-off of your daily quotas, we suggest you set all your CMS machines to No New Tasks at least 12 hours beforehand to allow current tasks to time out in the normal way. You can stop BOINC once all your tasks are finished, if you wish.
Exactly how long the intervention will take is unclear, and there will be a delay of up to an hour to get a new batch of jobs queued afterwards. I will post here when jobs are available again, hopefully before the end of the day European time.