New Collaborations and Continued Progress for the Clean Energy Project
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mercredi 12 octobre 2016 17:04

In this update, the Harvard research team describes new research tasks, new collaborations that will build upon their search for more efficient solar cells, and a recent award.

Another probable non-detection of ET
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mercredi 12 octobre 2016 01:46

Dr. Korpela has posted his thoughts about the claimed detection of pulsed emission from extraterrestrial intelligence being beam at Earth from 234 different stars. He's not optimistic.

The Breakthrough Listen project has also posted a statement of a similarly cautious tone.

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mardi 11 octobre 2016 05:57

В проекте начат эксперимент, целью которого является анализ применения метода роя частиц в задаче поиска кратчайших путей в графе. Время счета WU'шек до нескольких часов, с ростом размерности задачи возможны относительно высокие требования к необходимой памяти

Now within the project is started new experiment aimed to use particle swarm optimization method at the shortest path problem in graphs with constraints. Computing time is up to some hours, during grouth of size of the problem may be relatively high demands on the necessary memory

Application with nvidia 1070/1080 support added
Source:  Asteroids@home
lundi 10 octobre 2016 11:07

A new application version with nvidia 1070/1080 support has been released.

Radim Vančo (FoxKyong)

Replica database offline...
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dimanche 9 octobre 2016 22:18

The replica database will be offline until we can restore it from the primary database on tuesday (at the earlies). This will result in slowness of the web site and the scheduler.

Source:  Gerasim@home
vendredi 7 octobre 2016 10:24

Предыдущий эксперимент, посвященный подсчету числа диагональных латинских квадратов (ДЛК) порядка 9 успешно завершен, получены искомые оценки для числа нормализованных ДЛК и общего числа ДЛК порядка 9, в настоящее время мы планируем провести их дополнительную проверку, после чего будем публиковать.

В проекте начат небольшой эксперимент, целью которого является анализ применения метода случайных блужданий в задаче поиска кратчайших путей в графе. WU'шки очень короткие, дедлайн 1 день, за неделю думаю все посчитаем, присоединяйтесь!


Last experiment aimed to enumerating diagonal Latin squares (DLS) of order 9 was successfully finished. Now we have values of number of normalized DLS and total number of DLS of order 9. Currently we perform additional verifying, after that results and algorithms will be published.

Now within the project is organized new small experiment aimed to use random walks method at the shortest path problem in graphs with constraints. This experiment has very small WU's and 1 day deadline. After one week I hope it will be finished.

Aliquot sequence 763926 has terminated!!!
Source:  YAFU
jeudi 6 octobre 2016 19:28

World Community Grid Wins Impact Award
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jeudi 6 octobre 2016 16:58

The outstanding work of researchers and the generosity of World Community Grid volunteers has been recognized once again! We are pleased to announce that we recently received a D&AD Impact Award, which recognizes companies that use the power of creativity to stimulate positive change.

Website will be down 2016-10-18
Source:  Einstein@Home
jeudi 6 octobre 2016 16:57

On Tuesday 2016-10-18, at 1330 UTC we will be turning off the einstein Web server front-end for some hardware maintenance. The time corresponds to 1530 CEST and 0930 EDT. This downtime is only for the Web site. The E@H project will continue to run normally. The outage should last about 1 hour. 

New multi-core version 1.05
Source:  ATLAS@Home
jeudi 6 octobre 2016 13:45

The new batch of multicore WU that we have require a new version of ATLAS simulation software so we had to release a new version of the multicore application. The only change is the VM image which unfortunately has grown in size to 2.3GB with the new software.