New CPU work units: 3HHM-1/ZINC
Source:  GPUGrid
dimanche 6 avril 2014 12:38

Hi gang, The testing for the CPU application is over and these are the first production WUs. In this project we are studying the PI3Kalpha, a mutation of which is implicated in tumor formation. You can read more about it, and see the structure, here: Over the course of this project we will be testing some 22 million commercially-available drug-like molecules, drawn from the ZINC database, to find compounds which are predicted to bind strongly to the protein in a way which will inhibit its function. Once we have screen the whole database, we will take the best hits and test them for efficacy in a series of in vitro experiments. Hopefully we will find inhibitory compounds which can then serve as the basis for future drug development. Matt

Exactly 1week to "Space Race - Yuri's Night 2014: Hunting Comets!" team challenge on BoincStats
Source:  Constellation@Home
vendredi 4 avril 2014 14:23

Hello everyone, in exactly one week the "Space Race - Yuri's Night 2014: Hunting Comets!" team challenge on BoincStats will start. The challenge will support our Comet Trails simulation by the Dust Team of the Insitute of Space Systems (IRS) at University of Stuttgart. Comet Trails is their project for the Interplanetary Meteoroid Environment for eXploration (IMEX) initiative by the European Space Agency (ESA). There are already 14 teams in for for the Yuri's Night challenge and we hope to see more of you participating there. So go to BoincStats, register your team and then join the fun April 11th at 12:00 UTC. This is our annual team challenge to honor Yuri Gagarin, first human in space, and our own birthday. Be there, have fun, celebrate!

System Maintence: Sunday, April 6th at 1:00 UTC
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mercredi 2 avril 2014 16:45

Routine server maintenance will be performed on Sunday, April 6.

New Separation Runs
Source:  Milkyway@home
mercredi 2 avril 2014 16:05

I have started separation runs ps_separation_79_DR8_Rev_7_2_001 and 002 I will be adding some more runs to the list over the next couple of days. Let me know if you see any errors. Jeff Thompson

moved to new interface
Source:  Wildlife@Home
mardi 1 avril 2014 23:40

Hi Everyone, I've officially moved the webpage over to the new interface (this isn't an april fools joke, we just had two snow days in a row from a crazy blizzard so I had time to work on it). Apart from the new interface for watching videos, I've updated the list of species here (Watch Video -> Site and Species Descriptions): Each has a listing of projects that the information from the videos you watched will be use for. There's also a new page for reviewing videos you've watched (expect an update later tonight or this week that will allow you to report events you think are wrong) (Your Name -> Review Videos): And a page listing the publications, talks and posters that your time and efforts has helped us make here (Project Information -> Publications): If you still want to get at any of the old webpages (to look at the videos you watched in the old interface for example), I'm keeping that alive here for awhile: And one one final note, we've had an article accepted in the Wildlife Professional, and you get a PDF of it on our publications page here: Let me know if you have any questions or problems with the new interface. It looks like everything has moved over successfully but there might be some things I've missed. After I update the review videos page to allow you to report events, then I'll go back to getting the new validator running 24/7. cheers, --Travis

BURP has been acquired by Facebook inc.
Source:  BURP RenderFarming
mardi 1 avril 2014 14:00

In a short press release today the California-based company Facebook Inc. announced that they have bought the BURP rendering platform including all assets for $21 billion. "Facebook Chairman and CEO, Mark Sugarbird" wrote:
I'm excited to announce that we've agreed to acquire BURP, the leader in BOINC-based online rendering technology using Blender. Facebook's mission is to make the world more open and connected. This has mostly meant building mobile apps that help you share with the people you care about, but at this point we feel we're in a position where we can start focusing on what will come next to enable even more useful, entertaining and personal experiences. BURP's mission is to enable you to experience the impossible. Together the technologies open up the possibility of completely new kinds of experiences!
The buyout is just one in a series of large technology investments made recently, but the price tag completely dwarfs that of the Oculus Rift. As a consequence of this merger there is going to be some changes in the near future:
  • All accounts will be merged with existing Facebook accounts and will be automatically converted to use your real name and personal picture (regardless of your security settings)
  • We're adding support for playing mini-games while uploading sessions. You can add credit card information in the user account settings to make in-game purchases easier.
  • Random delays of around 3-5 seconds will be added to the website from time to time for no apparent reason.
  • If a session contains references to known living persons it will automatically post a link on their wall through WhatsApp with Instagrammed 3D previews from the rendered animation, easily browsable with any attached Oculus Rift.

The PR department has yet to come up with a good name for the new platform but has revealed that to honor the legacy of both parties it will most likely be some combination of the words "face" and "burp".

Drupal migration coming up!
Source:  Albert@Home
lundi 31 mars 2014 13:34

Hi everyone, After a longer public beta phase we decided that it's about time to migrate albert's web interface to Drupal proper. We're aware that some features we intend to provide for production (on einstein later on) aren't yet fully implemented and we also expect that there will be a few yet unknown bugs. However, albert is our test project after all, so let's get serious about it. The more people are using the new interface, the better we can prepare it for production use. So thanks in advance for your patience and feedback! We're going to prepare this step over the coming days and will start without further notice. For you this means that albert might soon be down for maintenance and data migration. The migration, once started, shouldn't take longer than a few days. Should we encounter significant issues or show stoppers we'll have back-out plans at hand and revert to the standard interface again. See you on the other side... Cheers, Oliver

Custom Android client
Source:  GPUGrid
jeudi 27 mars 2014 16:54

Dears, we are playing with a customized skin of the BOINC client. It attaches to GPUGRID by default (but allows you to add other projects manually). Feel free to try the (unsigned) apk at Let us know.

Doubling down: new website and software features
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mercredi 26 mars 2014 21:12

As we move toward our second decade of supporting humanitarian research, we're excited to introduce a more approachable and welcoming World Community Grid, as well as a new software application available for upgrade.

Source:  GPUGrid
mercredi 26 mars 2014 16:13

A big hi to all the users! I'm currently undergoing my master thesis in the lab and I'll very proud to participate in this fantastic community for the first time by sending some simulations to gpugrid. You will identify them with the ID A2AR, which stands for A2A adenosine receptor. It is a membrane protein from to a huge family called GPCRs that is key on neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson and therefore an important target of drug development. With these simulations we will try to prove the affinity of a couple of known ligands in silico.


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