Project News 8 april 2014
Source:  Leiden Classical
mardi 8 avril 2014 00:00

Today a disk has been replaced (RAID) and the famous OpenSSL update was made on this project.

Source:  GPUGrid
lundi 7 avril 2014 18:10

Hey everyone, I am sending out some WUs to the long queue called BARNA (pun intended). The system we are investigating is Barnase/Barstar which are two proteins that interact with each other. This will be (as far as I know) our first protein-protein interaction study and we are hoping to study some interactions like the ones in the crystallographic model and further develop the corresponding analysis tools.

Docking@Home is Retiring
Source:  Docking@Home
mardi 8 avril 2014 00:05

With a heavy heart, we are announcing the retirement of the Docking@Home project. Unfortunately, we no longer have the resources to maintain the project. Starting on April 30, 2014 Docking@Home will no longer be distributing new jobs but will continue to collect results. On May 23, 2014 the server will stop accepting results as the project enters retirement. We hope that you can use this time to point your workers to new VC projects. (here is a link to active BOINC projects). Over the past 9 years we’ve had 98,512 Volunteers contribute computing power from 264,535 hosts. We have granted a total of 5,422,290,917 credits, which means our volunteers contributed roughly 159,398,584 Hours (18,196 years!) of computation. Back in Jan we made all of the result data public and we will keep that interface active. Thank you to everyone that made Docking@home a success over the years. It’s been fun! Please join us on the forums to share your best and worst story from the project. Over the past few months we’ve been working on bringing the ExSciTecH project to life. We hope that you will join us in our adventure on this new project. Feel free to stop by the ExSciTecH forums and say “Hi�!. Thanks for your support over the years! The Docking@Home Team

speed options for watching videos
Source:  Wildlife@Home
lundi 7 avril 2014 01:25

So I did a little testing and it looks like (at least on OSX) Safari and Chrome support speeds from -16 to +16; and the watch page allows that. Firefox on the other hand only seems to allow speeds between 1 and 5, so it's somewhat limited. Is anyone else seeing something similar on other operating systems?

reporting observations is now working
Source:  Wildlife@Home
dimanche 6 avril 2014 23:06

Hi Everyone, I've pushed some more recent changes to the website. It's not possible to report observations in the review videos page,, or alternately click on your name in the top navbar then on review videos. This should be used if the validator flagged observations as invalid when it should not have, or vice versa. That way one of our scientists can go in and set the validation status manually (and give a response as to why it was done). Now that this is working for the new interface, I have two priorities to work on: 1. fix the speed/rewind buttons in firefox (and chrome?) 2. get the new validator working properly and up and running 24/7. cheers, --Travis

New CPU work units: 3HHM-1/ZINC
Source:  GPUGrid
dimanche 6 avril 2014 12:38

Hi gang, The testing for the CPU application is over and these are the first production WUs. In this project we are studying the PI3Kalpha, a mutation of which is implicated in tumor formation. You can read more about it, and see the structure, here: Over the course of this project we will be testing some 22 million commercially-available drug-like molecules, drawn from the ZINC database, to find compounds which are predicted to bind strongly to the protein in a way which will inhibit its function. Once we have screen the whole database, we will take the best hits and test them for efficacy in a series of in vitro experiments. Hopefully we will find inhibitory compounds which can then serve as the basis for future drug development. Matt

Exactly 1week to "Space Race - Yuri's Night 2014: Hunting Comets!" team challenge on BoincStats
Source:  Constellation@Home
vendredi 4 avril 2014 14:23

Hello everyone, in exactly one week the "Space Race - Yuri's Night 2014: Hunting Comets!" team challenge on BoincStats will start. The challenge will support our Comet Trails simulation by the Dust Team of the Insitute of Space Systems (IRS) at University of Stuttgart. Comet Trails is their project for the Interplanetary Meteoroid Environment for eXploration (IMEX) initiative by the European Space Agency (ESA). There are already 14 teams in for for the Yuri's Night challenge and we hope to see more of you participating there. So go to BoincStats, register your team and then join the fun April 11th at 12:00 UTC. This is our annual team challenge to honor Yuri Gagarin, first human in space, and our own birthday. Be there, have fun, celebrate!

System Maintence: Sunday, April 6th at 1:00 UTC
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mercredi 2 avril 2014 16:45

Routine server maintenance will be performed on Sunday, April 6.

New Separation Runs
Source:  Milkyway@home
mercredi 2 avril 2014 16:05

I have started separation runs ps_separation_79_DR8_Rev_7_2_001 and 002 I will be adding some more runs to the list over the next couple of days. Let me know if you see any errors. Jeff Thompson

moved to new interface
Source:  Wildlife@Home
mardi 1 avril 2014 23:40

Hi Everyone, I've officially moved the webpage over to the new interface (this isn't an april fools joke, we just had two snow days in a row from a crazy blizzard so I had time to work on it). Apart from the new interface for watching videos, I've updated the list of species here (Watch Video -> Site and Species Descriptions): Each has a listing of projects that the information from the videos you watched will be use for. There's also a new page for reviewing videos you've watched (expect an update later tonight or this week that will allow you to report events you think are wrong) (Your Name -> Review Videos): And a page listing the publications, talks and posters that your time and efforts has helped us make here (Project Information -> Publications): If you still want to get at any of the old webpages (to look at the videos you watched in the old interface for example), I'm keeping that alive here for awhile: And one one final note, we've had an article accepted in the Wildlife Professional, and you get a PDF of it on our publications page here: Let me know if you have any questions or problems with the new interface. It looks like everything has moved over successfully but there might be some things I've missed. After I update the review videos page to allow you to report events, then I'll go back to getting the new validator running 24/7. cheers, --Travis


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