Project roadmap and first phase results from the Mapping Cancer Markers team
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
jeudi 10 juillet 2014 17:27

The lead researcher for Mapping Cancer Markers presents a roadmap for the project to analyze signatures for 4 types of cancer: lung, ovarian, prostate and sarcoma; an update on his team’s progress thus far, and an invitation to join the research team in an August cancer fundraiser.

Help Conquer Cancer project update
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mercredi 9 juillet 2014 15:20

The research team expands to advance their analysis of the millions of protein-crystallization images processed by World Community Grid volunteers. This will help scientists understand how protein structure can lead to better cancer drug design.

System Maintenance: Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 01:00 UTC
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
mercredi 9 juillet 2014 13:23

Routine system maintenance will be performed on Saturday, July 12th.

The people of World Community Grid
Source:  World Community Grid News and Updates
lundi 7 juillet 2014 17:25

New website features give you more information about the people and connections that make World Community Grid possible.

Competition 'Bienvenido, amigos!'
Source:  SAT@home
lundi 7 juillet 2014 14:30

Competition Bienvenido, amigos! will be held from July 12 2014 to July 17 2014.

Соревнование Bienvenido, amigos! будет проведено с 12 по 17 июля 2014 года.

New user and gold badge surveys online
Source:  Wildlife@Home
jeudi 3 juillet 2014 00:19

Hi Everyone! Our biologists have been really interested in getting some more information about our users so we can make the website better and more informational. Users who haven't gotten a gold badge for watching video yet can take our new user survey which has a couple questions about where you live and what you do, which should only take a minute or two to complete. There's a second more in-depth survey for after you've gotten a gold badge so we can get some more information for people who have used the site a bit. It's another quick one. Right now, there'll be a link in the navbar when there's a survey available, and also a link on top of the video watching page. They'll disappear after you take the survey. If this is annoying, please let me know and we can come up with a better solution -- we just don't want people to miss taking the survey as we could really use the information to help improve the website. If you have any suggestions and/or improvements for the survey pages, please let us know! thanks! --Travis

New tutorial video
Source:  Wildlife@Home
mercredi 2 juillet 2014 23:28

Hi Everyone, Becca's given me a new tutorial video, hope you enjoy it! It's also in the video tutorial thread here:

Short writeup on computer vision efforts
Source:  Wildlife@Home
mercredi 2 juillet 2014 21:08

Hi Everyone, Kyle's written a brief description of what he's been doing with the work units we've been generating for automated detection of the wildlife, you can find it here: And it's linked from the video site selection page and on the front page. Let us know if you have any questions, and anything you'd like more details about! I'll also be uploading another training video from Becca today; and we'll also be putting up a brief survey to get a little more information about our volunteers so we can make the site better and provide better information and updates about the science we're doing here. cheers, --Travis

Revised policy for Shipping T-shirts Internationally
Source:  Milkyway@home
jeudi 3 juillet 2014 17:13

Hello everyone, There has been a recent change in our policy regarding shipping T-shirts internationally. We previously required an extra $100 dollar donation for international addresses. However, due to our recent experience with sending T-shirts international, we have decided that this is no longer necessary. It costs us about $12 more to mail internationally than in the United States, plus we have to fill out a customs form, but we have found a convenient way to mail without running to the post office. While we would appreciate an additional donation for international shipping addresses, we will no longer require it. Unfortunately, the web form for credit card donations still says the additional $100 donation is required. You can ignore that and just type in the size requested. As before, the sizes available are adult Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, or XXXLarge Thank you all for your continuing support, -Sidd

Fundraiser Progress
Source:  Milkyway@home
mercredi 2 juillet 2014 21:24

Hey Everyone, Our current progress for the fundraiser is $11,505.22, which is a little over a quarter of the way there! We have already sent out 18 T-shirts! A big thank you to everyone who contributed from myself and the MilkyWay@home team! Due to the large influx of donations, it will take some time to update the profiles for users who wish to have a special contribution badge appear. Therefore, I ask for some patience in that regard. Thank you all for your continuing support, Sidd


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